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In this rapidly changing and diverse global society Possibilities Forward LLC focuses on helping leaders maximize their personal and professional development. We offer a fresh, bold and creative approach to leadership and executive coaching and consulting — co-created to help successful leaders discover and implement new possibilities for self and others.

What possibilities exist for you, your team or your organization?

How will you discover them?

Leadership, the ability to create, listen, learn, encourage, collaborate, decide, and construct a way forward is challenging and rewarding. It requires presence, self-evaluation, intention, creativity, action results, and possibility thinking.

What is Leadership Coaching?
Coaching is a partnership between coach and client in which coaches hold a safe and confidential space for clients to self-discover, strategize and be held accountable in their professional and personal lives. Recognizing that change is inevitable and essential in order for individuals and organizations to grow, and that people and institutions naturally resist change, leadership coaching (also called executive coaching) focuses on helping clients notice and change personal and professional patterns. Through coaching, clients develop new practices to produce better and more satisfying outcomes. Leadership coaching is the key to unlock unrealized and untapped human and organizational potential.

What can I expect?
Coaches recognize that clients are whole, resourceful and creative, and fully capable of noticing their beliefs, habits, actions and behaviors; and that they are fully capable of solving their own problems and discovering their own potential. Coaching is not therapy, counseling, consulting or mentoring.  Coaches help clients by listening deeply, noticing their patterns, habits, behaviors and providing feedback, and by asking powerful questions that facilitate self-discovery and new awareness.

Why should I hire a coach?

  • To better understand your work and your role as a leader
  • To improve work-life balance
  • To be more productive and navigate rapidly changing business climates
  • To understand the importance of collaboration, and relational and consultative business models in today’s global world
  • To stretch your capacity to lead and influence
  • To clarify beliefs, visions and values
  • To increase capacity to create change in organizations, spheres of influence, and life
  • To learn to notice and get feedback on self-observation
  • To discover a wider range of choices and design effective action
  • To learn to manage relationships, identify visions for growth, and enroll those around you in that vision

Possibilities Forward LLC Coaching Services are appropriate for:

  • Professionals in transition and those seeking more out of life
  • Leaders wanting to advance in their companies, organizations and spheres of influence
  • Mature active professionals eager to discover new possibilities
  • Lawyers navigating changes in the legal profession, seeking new
    opportunities, and work-life balance
  • Entrepreneurs beginning or growing a business
  • Social entrepreneurs committed to the triple bottom line – people, planet, profits
  • Creatives – anyone who creates from original thought — writers, musicians, dancers, engineers and just about everyone else
  • Nonprofit actors – anyone working to start, maintain, grow or merge a nonprofit organization

Other Services and the Team
Possibilities Forward LLC offers consulting services which are different from coaching. Consultants are hired for their expertise; they diagnose problems, offer, and implement solutions. Our consulting services include a broad range of leadership and business offerings. We would be happy to discuss your consulting needs.

Co-Creating Possibilities to Help You Move Forward