Discover your possibilities

My coaching experience with you facilitated my ability to bring many thoughts and ideas floating around in my mind into words, objectives, goals, and action plans.  I think about my life, career, wants, likes, dislikes etc., a fair amount but do not often put these thoughts into any sort of concrete form.  Coaching encouraged and inspired me to do more of that and in so doing made me very excited about where I have been and what the future might hold for me.

Working with someone who is totally objective and totally vested in me during the coaching sessions brought so much non-biased and honest clarity to my particular situation unlike what I get when I speak with a colleague or friend about the same things.  With your finesse as a very attentive and active listener, you were able to help me (empower me) to make connections, draw conclusions and thus take steps for moving forward that I might not otherwise have done or done so quickly.

—Nurse Manager, Biotech Field

Coaching has helped me to see things differently and make connections that I was not making before. I have taken away multiple resources, tools, and approaches that I can use in new situations that arise. I also valued having the time to focus and reflect on my leadership.

You are a good listener – you seemed curious about any situation I was describing and worked to reflect back the issue that was being discussed. You pulled out words from the conversation and prompted me to spend time reflecting on those words. You asked strong open ended questions. You were encouraging and supportive, but at the same time, challenged me to think differently.

—Senior Researcher, Nonprofit Organization